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Limit Mob Spawn

This mod allows you to prevent mobs from being spawned.


In this mod, I created these conditions.

  • Biome
  • Entity type (zombie, skeleton, bat, etc.)
  • Entity classification (Monster, Creature, Water Creature, Water Ambient, etc.)
  • Dimension (over world, nether, the end)
  • Position (x, y, z coordinate)
  • Spawn reason (natural, spawner, spawn egg, etc.)
  • Light level

You can make own rule by combining the conditions.


Rules can be added/removed via command.

  • /limitmobspawn query
  • /limitmobspawn add
  • /limitmobspawn remove


To change the number of mobs spawned from default Monster Spawner, execute this(1.18 only)

  • /limitmobspawn spawner spawnCount <new count>

To change the limit of numbers of mobs which can newly spawn, execute this.

  • /limitmobspawn category_limit set <category> <limit>

These are the default values in vanilla.

  • Monster: 70
  • Creature: 10
  • Ambient(bats): 15
  • Axolotls: 5
  • Underground Water Creature: 5
  • Water Creature: 5
  • Water Ambient: 20

To add rules, make data pack. In the data pack, create "limit-mob-spawn" directory and place rule file(json) in the dir. See Official Wiki for more detail of data pack.

datapacks in each world



    └─(name space)

             └─other rule files

Follow these link to see example rules.

1.16.5: this

1.17.1: this


1.19.2 Example Datapack

See this page for change log.