Lil' Critters - A ZAWA Addon

119,103 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 27, 2020 Game Version: Forge

Looking for more ambiance within your zoo? Then this Zoo & Wild Animals addon is for you! With plans to add various small creatures to the game, all with their own custom models, textures, animations, sounds, and more!

Current version ( requires Zoo & Wild Animals Rebuilt 2.1.0 and Bookworm for Minecraft 1.12.2!

  (I sometimes forget to update this when a new version is released, so if the latest Lil Critters version doesn't match the above, ALWAYS assume you need the latest ZAWA and Bookworm.)


Tree Squirrel variants

The Tree Squirrels pictured above are the first official critter to be added, they are fully coded with animations and sounds as well. Check them out!

More Showcase Images:

Box Turtles - Modeled and Textured by Mr. Mubbs

Box Turtle variants

Tufted Deer - Modeled and Textured by Ailments concentrate!

Tufted Deer variants


Want to join our little community? Come say hello in our Discord!

Also check out the mod's progress and future plans on the trello board:


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