Lightweight Blood Mechanics

Lightweight Blood Mechanics

A simple, lightweight, mod that adds semi-realistic bleeding effects and health stats to the game. PvP is no longer what it used to be. You may have won the fight, but you may not win the battle.


DISCLAIMER: This mod can be quite intensive due to the amount of particles it spawns. If you have a lower end system you will need to tweak the config to reduce the amount of output particles. 



To begin, the first thing you'll notice in survival mode is that a meter has been added directly to the right of the hotbar. This meter shows you your current blood loss. If the meter is full, you're healthy and ready to battle. If the meter is low, you may begin to get lightheaded. This effect will continue on until you treat your wounds with gauze and regenerate ~40% of your blood. Regeneration takes time, you will need to be patient. If you loose enough blood, you will eventually loose all vision, and shortly after; die of blood loss.

Fatal Bleeds


The worst type of bleed you can get is a Fatal Bleed. Fatal bleeds last a minute and are triggered if you loose 3 hearts of health or more. If you get hurt again, an additional 30 seconds will be added to the length of this bleed. This type of bleed will most certainly kill you if not treated quickly. In addition, you will bleed all over the world, which may allow your opponent to track you easier.



A standard bleed. This one is not fatal, but will certainly still kill you, especially if paired with a fatal bleed. This type of bleed is triggered if you receive 1.5 hearts of damage or more. Similar to fatal bleeds, this bleed will last 60 seconds the first time, and an additional 30 seconds each additional time you get hurt. Although both types of bleeds are technically potion effects, they can not be cleared by drinking milk. You must use gauze to remove a bleed effect.



Gauze is the only way to resolve a bleed. Milk will not remove a bleed effect. You can hold 64 in a single stack, and it takes approximately 6.4 seconds to use it. Bleeding effects will immediately be removed. This alone is not enough to regenerate blood. To regenerate your blood you must have a full health bar. Only then will the blood bar slowly fill back up. In addition, this does not remove the lightheaded effect or the blindness effect. Your blood bar must fill back up near halfway to remove these effects. The effect takes 30 seconds to wear off.


Blood Particles

Blood particles are emitted from your body or any living entity that is injured. Fatal injuries emit more blood than normal injuries. These particles take 2 minutes 30 seconds maximum to fade away, 2 minutes minimum. A hit of any sort above 1.5 hearts will cause your player to emit additional blood and loose blood in the blood meter. This effect intensifies the greater the damage is.

Impact caused blood pools

If you happen to explode, the resulting effect is not quite so pretty. Little bits of your DNA will splatter across the land.

It should be noted that these effects do not simply apply to players, but all living entities. See examples below:



Creeper Blood

Enderman Blood

Enderman explosion

Slime blood


Zombie blood


Lightheaded Effect

The effect that will be automatically engaged once you've lost too much blood.


This mod is highly configurable via its config file. Settings and their descriptions will be added here at a future time.


Installation Requirements

Lightweight Blood Mechanics requires Minecraft Forge and MDX. MDX can be found on CurseForge as well.


Copyright (C) 2019 ASX