Lights 'n Lures

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Mod Packs: This mod may be used in any mod pack that does not cost money. I would like to hear about modpacks that include this mod but it is not required to contact me.

 Thanks: Thank you to Xav101 for the sheep light textures, and Krodins for suggesting the mod name.



This mod adds 4 new lighting options for cosmetic purposes. Each light is a different color to allow easy distinction between them.

Redstone LEB (Light Emitting Block):  An alternative to Redstone Lamps.

Dim Redstone LEB: A Redstone LEB whose brightness depends on the analog redstone strength.

Powered Redstone LEB: A Redstone LEB that does not require a redstone signal, and can be toggled via right clicking.

Invisible Redstone LEB: A Redstone LEB that is invisible when powered, but still emits light.



This mod adds 4 lure objects that affect nearby mobs. Range is equal to 1/2 the inputted analog redstone strength.

Sheep / Pig / Cow Light: Attract their respective mob. 

Scare Crow: All instances of EntityCreature will run away from this light. This includes most passive and hostile mobs.


Use JEI for recipes.


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