10,430 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 31, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

This is a mod that enhances your basic building needs, by giving you access to glass, panes, a ladder, a door, and a flower all of which gives off the same light level as Glowstone! No more need for glowstone versus torches! Light up your world!

It includes the same colors as wool for panes and glass. Everything added in this mod is completely blast proof! (No creeper griefing or TNT griefing!)

If you want me to add something, add an "issue" at the top, and be detailed. I may or may not include it in the next version(s). Bonus points if you have already coded it and share the code with me!

ModPack Permissions: Feel free to use this in modpacks!

Latest versions(2.0+) supports connected textures for the glass (not the panes!)! Make sure to download Chisel and CTM(The required dependency for Chisel) in order to have connected textures!


Works extremely well with "Remove Highlight Mouseover" as well! Here's the download link on curseforge if you'd like to use it!


Here's a video "review" on the mod in Spanish.



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