Life Line

174 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 14, 2022 Game Version: 1.17.1   +1

This mod aims to overhaul the "Death" mechanic. It adds many customization gamerules, a new dimension, blocks, and more. This mod is planned to become extremely expansive in terms of features. Expect updates (at least when I'm able to.)

The way in which it changes the Death mechanics is mainly up to you, but without configuration, it will start you off with five lives. Losing all five will send you to the Afterlife dimension, where there is no way to escape unless you have planned ahead by creating the "Warp Container". You can also craft other life types that have different special effects!

This was originally created for a server of mine, but then it quickly grew and got out of control, so I decided to try and get it out there so others can enjoy it!


A lot of my friends helped with ideas, and special thanks to "Sen" for the amazing boss model!


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