Life Drain

2,293 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 26, 2016 Game Version: 1.10.2

Life Drain is an addon for Blood Magic that makes it more risky and interesting to use. It can be set to drain either a set amount of LP per tick or a percentage of the players network LP (maximum 500 LP, configurable). When the player has 0 LP, they will start to take damage (configurable).


Be careful, if you have damage  on and you run out of LP, you may get stuck in a cycle of dying, unable to get enough LP in time. This danger is the main motivation behind this mod, to make Blood Magic a more strategic decision with consequences, but it can be disabled if you just want to use the passive drain feature.


Almost everything can be configured, from if blood orb tier effects the amount of LP drained, to the base amount of LP drained and the rate at which is drains.


Feel free to include it in your modpack to make Blood Magic more dangerous! Liquid LP is not drained, so percentage + liquid LP tanks + chunk loader + LP flow control is an interesting combination ;)


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