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Filename librarianlib-1.9.jar
Uploaded by Thecodewarrior1
Uploaded Feb 5, 2017
Game Version 1.10.2
Size 1.47 MB
Downloads 2,804
MD5 7f4fe1e90520c819908b0b9a14fc3aca
Supported Minecraft 1.10 Versions



User-facing changes:

- New version number
- Lots of technical gibberish in changelog


Technical changes:
- Added built in UUID and ITextComponent serializers

- Added a SavableConstructorOrder to define the order of constructor parameters in @Savable classes

- Added vector projection util

- Added world AABB collision util

- Added number clamping utils

- Vec2d length is now lazily cached

- Developer test mod no longer crashes on servers


- Added base blocks for Slabs, Pillars, Stairs, Walls, Fences, Fence Gates, Saplings, Logs, and Leaves

- Added ItemModArrow with automatic Dispenser functionality

- Added getTileEntitySafely extension function for use in getActualState()

- Added GuiContainer API! Now you can have moving and disappearing slots, along with dead easy shift-clicking!

- Added a "safe" way to access java's Unsafe API. Requires registering that your mod uses it

- Exposed OwnershipHandler API

- Now uses Forgelin instead of bundling the Kotlin runtime environment

- New Capability implementation that uses @Save!

- Added Base Enchantment class
- Added CommandBuilder for easy command building!
- Now LibLib bundles Mixin support! No more messy and error-prone ASM! (ASM should still be a last resort though)
- I was stupid with Vec2d rotations, but I fixed it. Guis should work now. 

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