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Uploaded Sep 28, 2019
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Breaking Changes:

  • Made CombinableAttribute.combiner private, rather than public.
    • This is only to encourage using CombinableAttribute.combine() instead - which handles empty and singleton lists correctly.
  • Disallowed ItemFilter.matches and FixedItemInvView.isItemValidForSlot from throwing an exception when they are passed an empty stack.
  • DirectFixedItemInv.setOwnerListener now takes an InvMarkDirtyListener rather than an ItemInvSlotChangeListener
  • FixedItemInvView.addListener has been removed.
  • FixedItemInvView.getInvStack no longer mandates that it's result is not modified - instead it is undefined whether you can modify it or not
  • FixedItemInv.getInvStack now always returns a modifiable ItemStack - however it might not be the ItemStack in the inventory!
  • Renamed the 2 standard FixedItemInv implementation classes:
    • Renamed "SimpleFixedItemInv" to "FullFixedItemInv", as it's no longer the simple inventory class that it used to be.
    • This is due to the biggest change here: FixedItemInv no longer mandates stack immutability for anything except "CopyingFixedItemInv". As such it's probably a good idea to look through all usages of these classes to determine which one you should be using. If you don't like the idea of immutable stacks or you don't need to do anything fancy with filters you should use SimpleFixedItemInv (formally DirectFixedItemInv).
  • Added new abstract methods to GroupedItemInvView and FixedItemInvView:
    • "int getChangeValue()", which returns a number to compare to see if a given inventory has changed or not since it was last called.
    • "ListenerToken addListener(InvMarkDirtyListener listener, ListenerRemovalToken removalToken)", which is a basic listener fired when an inventory changed.


  • Added item-based attributes! These are fairly similar to block-based attributes, but use references to the ItemStack rather than a world+pos reference. Attribute instances obtained from items also can only be cached while their backing reference is still active. (In other words unless you control the reference you shouldn't cache returned instances).

  • Added AttributeProviderItem, which is similar to AttributeProvider, but for items rather than blocks.

  • Added CustomItemAttributeAdder, which is similar to CustomAttributeAdder, but for items rather than blocks.
  • Added ItemAttributeList, which is similar to AttributeList but for items rather than blocks.
  • Added the interface LimitedConsumer, which is similar to java.util.function.Consumer but can reject the incoming object.
    • Made ItemInsertable implement LimitedConsumer<ItemStack>
    • Made FluidInsertable implement LimitedConsumer<FluidVolume>
    • Made SingleItemSlot implement
  • Added the interface Reference<T>, which has three methods:
    • "void get()": returns the object.
    • "boolean set(T obj)": Sets the reference to the given object if it is allowed (and returns true), otherwise it returns false.
    • "boolean isValid(T obj)": Like set, but doesn't modify the return value of get().
  • Made a few existing classes implement Reference:
    • attributes.misc.Ref<T> now implements Reference<T>.
    • SingleItemSlot now implements Reference<ItemStack>.
    • SingleFluidTank now implements Reference<FluidVolume>.
  • Added 4 new implementations of a Reference<T>:
    • UnmodifiableRef, which holds a final reference to an object and rejects any attempt to set it.
    • CallableRef, which delegates to a java.util.function Supplier, Consumer, and Predicate for all methods.
    • SimulatableRef, which delegates to a java.util.function.Supplier for get and LimitedConsumer for set() and isValid().
    • DestroyableRef, which delegates to another Reference, but refuses all set attempts after "destroy()" is called.
  • Added various methods to Attribute, DefaultedAttribute, and CombinableAttribute for getting attribute instances from any ItemStack.
    • All of these methods boil down to a method with 3 parameters:
      • Reference<ItemStack>, which holds the ItemStack in question. This is a Reference (with get/set/canSet methods) rather than a normal ItemStack to allow attribute instances to modify the ItemStack according to how they are used. (For example a fluid "extractable" attribute would replace a bucket of lava with an empty bucket when it is drained).
      • (optional) LimitedConsumer<ItemStack>, which can accept excess items. (For example a fluid "insertable" attribute might replace a stack of 6 empty buckets with a stack of 5 empty buckets plus one bucket filled with the appropriate fluid).
      • (optional) Predicate<ItemStack>, which is identical to the predicate given to SearchOptions.matching().
  • Added FluidVolume.localizeAmount(), which is a much shorter method call than "volume.fluidUnit.localizeAmount(volume.getAmount())".
  • Added FluidUnitSet, which is used to format amounts in multiple units, for example "6 buckets and 1 bottle of water".

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