Let the fun begin NOW!!!

2,134 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 9, 2015 Game Version: 1.7.10

This mod adds some really cool features to the diamonds!!! And a really cool new Dimension.

It adds:

A diamond converter, Burning from Diamonds for a long lasting fuel, a new Dimension called the Diamension, a gun and some real cool Armors like the compressed or the operator armor. Also a new Mob called the Diamondcreeper. It looks like a normal creeper but does a lot of damage by hitting you.

For the portal you take Diamondblocks in a portalshape. As a lighter you use the diamond n' steel. You craft this one with a diamond in the bottom and a steel above. The diamondfuel is just a diamond where normaly the coal is. One diamond lasts for 10 minutes. 

I recommend using NEI for the recipes.

Take the recommended Forgeversion of 1.7.10



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