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LegibleNei is a Not Enough Items/Just Enough Items plugin which adds custom dynamic filters to hide items easily in nei/jei panel.

With a key (you can change it in Minecraft control for 1.8+ with jei and in nei options for 1.7) you can enable/disable filters to show only useful items or all items as you want. You can also lock a filter to completely hide some items.


You can add custom filters with simili-json files in config folder and you can reload/disable/enable filters in game.

This mod is very conveninent for modpacks or everybody who want to see easily useful items in a mod so feel free to use it and make your own filters.


LegibleNei is a client mod only.


Minecraft versions:

1.7.10: For Not Enough Items 1.0.5 or above

1.8.9: For Just Enough Items 2.28.18 or above

1.9.4: For Just Enough Items 3.6.8 or above

1.10.2: For Just Enough Items 3.14.2 or above

1.11.2: For Just Enough Items 4.5.0 or above

1.12.2: For Just Enough Items 4.12.1 or above


------------------- Example of filters and possibilities of LegibleNei -------------------------------------

- You want to hide colored wools from minecraft and keep white wool(damage 0):
- You want to keep one of each forge microblock:
- You want to hide colored cables from applied energistics 2:
- You want to hide wooden tools from Tinker's Construct:
- You want to hide full charged items from Mekanism:
- You want to keep only empty capsules from Forestry:
- You want to hide charged items from Applied energistics 2:

- You want to hide fluid tank from Mekanism(can be disabled in Mekanism config too):



- Filters can be disabled in-game with a key. You do not want to disable a filter when using key: use "_" prefix:



As you can see, LegibleNei filters are very simple and powerful.

Read README file in jar for more details.


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