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This is a simple Forge mod that adds many different types of lattices, a new building block that is halfway between iron bars and trapdoors. These are purely decorative and come in 9 different variants (Acacia, Birch, Crimson, Dark Oak, Jungle, Oak, Spruce, Warped, and Copper!) 


Each of the wood variants is crafted with 5 planks and 4 sticks representing the wood type while the copper needs 5 cut copper and 5 copper ingots. 


These are great to decorate your builds, replace windows, or spruce up the foundation to any house!



 - Backports/Fabric port?
Nope, I prefer to keep 1 stable version for my mods and build exclusively off them. If someone would like to do other versions, they MUST talk to Bryuf and not me. It is their art and they have all rights to it. Do not steal it, talk to them and you may work something out. All of my mods should be for the most recent version of Forge, it is what I am familiar with and I see no reason for myself to change that. 


- Where is an update to a newer version? 

If it ever happens to be that a newer version of forge releases and this mod hasn't updated for a while, I'm really sorry for the delay but I do also have my own life, commitments, and responsibilities. Aside from this project, I'm in a nursing degree program, hold a government position at my college, develop my own video games, and have many other modding projects with friends of mine so things may not always be smooth sailing. If you be patient, I can almost guarantee this mod will be updated soon enough when most mods are also porting. 


- Where can I ask question or suggest things?

We are always open to critique, however, please note that again I am human and I am proud of my work. Suggestions for whole new mods are not very likely to be taken because of the work that goes behind it such as finding an artist etc. If you have any tweaks, etc, you want to suggest, please feel free to join our Discord!


 - Why does the copper lattice not oxidate?

We decided that for now, copper lattice oxidation wasn't an extremely necessary feature as a few other copper items (Lighting rods and spyglasses) have no signs of oxidation. However, this may come eventually and give way to waxed, oxidized, etc variants but do to how many models and blockstates that would be, it depends on how much the feature is needed. 



This mod idea was completely thought up by Bryuf in a Reddit post on the r/minecraftsuggestions form! Read the original idea here

I was given permission by Bryuf to make his idea a reality in this Minecraft mod!


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