Lanterns Belong on Walls

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For supported lanterns, place the lantern on the side of the block, and the lantern will attach to that side.


For another mod's lanterns to be compatible, the other mod must add the compatibility (see here).

Note: If you're using a resource pack that changes the lantern blockstate file, then the visual connection to the wall might not appear.

For mod developers:

Adding support for lanterns is a straightforward process.

  1. Add the Gradle dependency:
   repositories {
       maven {
           name = "Modrinth"
           url = "https://api.modrinth.com/maven"

   dependencies {
       modImplementation "maven.modrinth:lanterns-bow:${lanterns_bow_version}"

Refer to the versions page for the most recent version.
Read about the Modrinth Maven here.

  1. Create an entrypoint class:
   public class ExampleLanternModWall implements WallLanternsEntrypoint {
       public void patchLanterns() {
           this.addLantern(new Identifier("example_mod", "example_lantern"));
  1. Add the entrypoint to your fabric.mod.json:
   "entrypoints": {
       "walllanterns": "com.example.mod.examplemod.ExampleLanternModWall"
  1. Add the proper blockstates and models to your mod. Take a look here for a general idea of what it should look like.
    The only major difference is that your blockstate file will need to include variants that have the facing property and variants that lack it. This will help to ensure compatibility when Lanterns Belong on Walls is not installed.



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