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Lanterns Belong on Walls


If a lantern is supported, then all you have to do is place the lantern on the side of the block, and the lantern will attach to that side. Whichever side of a block you are facing, when you place it down, is the side of the block that the lantern will attach to.


Certain mods have compatibility, and can place lanterns on walls. However, if you cannot place a mod's lantern on a wall, you will be able to place it normally.

Mod Compat Guide:

Name Compatible From Compatibility Coverage
Oxidized 1.6.0 100%
Expanded Copper 1.6.1 100%

Note: If you're using a resource pack that changes the lantern blockstate file, then you may not see the connection of the lanterns to the walls.


Outdated: Shows 1.3.0 and older placement system.