Lag Removal

20,462 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 30, 2017 Game Version: 1.12.2

What does this mod do?

This mod allows you to control lag caused by entities on your Minecraft 1.8 forge server. The mod executes a server wide clear lag script which removes all loaded entities.

What are the commands?

There are 2 commands in the mod which can be used to control the server lag, these commands are as follows:
Killing all entities

/killall [Override Config (true:false)] [Dimension_ID]
The two parameters of the command can be used to either override the config, which will ignore any restrictions which the config puts in place and the second optional parameter can be used to only clear lag for a certain dimension. Updating the config

 Updating the config

/RLConfig [add:remove] [dimension_id:entity_name]
The two parameters of this command are used to add or remove items from the config. the first parameter says if you want to remove and item or add an item, and the second parameter is either a dimension ID or and Entity Name. Once the command is executed it will update the config and apply the changes on the server.

Where are the mods config files?

There is a config for the mod in the "config/SWDTeam/remove_lag" folder called "remove_lag_Config.json" which will allow you to configure the mod, changing the delay between automatic executions of the lag removal script as well as configure if the output from the script is printed out to all users on the server. In this folder there are also 2 other configs, one which controls which dimensions the script can be run in, and another which says which entities are effected by the script.

Do players need to have the mod installed as well as the server?

Only the server will need to have the mod installed.

How do I install this mod?

Place the downloaded jar into the mods folder of your server and it should all work


Please note that this is a server side mod and is designed to run on a multiplayer server, it will not work if used in single player.


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