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Welcome to your one-stop shop for all things high tech! Make your own labs, adventure maps, or wicked cool underground base! With a custom power system and loads of machines to create and use the power, it's a sure treat!


To Get Started, look for these basic ores out in the world: Copper, Zinc, Silicon, and Manganese.


Also, keep a look out for rubber trees in the world; They're characterized by their thick leaves.

 After you've come back from your expedition, craft up some steel real quick.

Steel is an alloy used in the production of various machines and scientific equipment.


A few more things you might want are the Circuit Design Table

The Circuit Maker

The Enricher

Some Power Cables

And a Power Furnace to start


For further information, check out our online wiki, available above! Also be sure to check out the pages tab!


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Yes! You may use this mod in any and all modpacks, as long as you link back here, and tell me you have! :)


MC1.10+ requires McMultipart 1.3.0+


-Educational Version
-More computer functionality
-Standalone computer emulator.
-Quantum Physics
-Suggest in the comments!


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