What does this mod do?

This mod lets you create scripts in JavaScript language to manage your server, add new blocks and items, change recipes and tags, add custom handlers for quest mods, change worldgen and more!

How to use it?

Run the game with mod installed once. It should generate kubejs folder in your minecraft directory with example scripts. startup scripts only get run once when the game loads. Those are for registering items, setting up configs etc. Server/data scripts are loaded when you join a world, those are better for things like clearlag, displaying custom login messages and world/player related things in general.

Video tutorial for 1.19.2

Can I reload scripts?

Yes, use /reload. Note: Not everything is reloadable. Some things require you to restart game, some only world, some work on fly.

I don't know JavaScript / I need help with this mod!

There's examples and pre-made scripts on KubeJS Wiki.

I have a question / suggestion / bug report!

If wiki didn't have the answer for what you were looking for, you can ask questions, make feature suggestions and report bugs here: KubeJS Support

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