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Filename Kobolds-2.0.5.jar
Uploaded by Jusey1z
Uploaded Aug 5, 2022
Game Version 1.18.2   +2
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MD5 e169213431b6ee6f6857610ddb0d2081
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Java 17
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-Updated the pet & breed check to be "forge:kobolds" tag instead of AbstractKoboldEntity.

-Improved ALL converts in the mod to remember armor, main-hand, and off-hand items for the progress.
--Note: This means when zombifying, curing zombolds, and zombold to drowned converts. All held and worn items will remain. If no main hand or off hand item is available, then normal spawning mechanics will take place.

-Changed requirements for Kobold types when curing:
--Base Kobold has no requirements.
--Kobold Warrior requires the Zombold to be holding a shield in it's off-hand.
--Kobold Engineer requires a Mountain Biome, Crossbow in main-hand, and nothing in off-hand
--Kobold Pirate requires a jungle biome.
--Kobold Captain requires a jungle biome and enchanted kobold iron sword in main-hand.

Note: Kobold Enchanter can no longer come from curing a Zombold. However, Kobold Children still have their respective random chances to become any Kobold type when growing up (except for Warriors).