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In this mod so far is Going to add many recipes Into to the game. These recipes are mostly to help you the player in your journey in Minecraft these recipes can make you Rich in Diamonds and Gold in what I like to call as Little effort as you probably should to get these Items. Basically instead of Gathering these Items solely you can craft most of the useful Items in minecraft. Much more is intended to be added in future updates such as Custom Dimensions, Tools, and even more useful recipes than what you see down there in the text. Don't forget to comment to tell me what other recipes you want added in this mod remember I am open to all the suggestions I can get to make this mod better for you the player of Minecraft! 


These Recipes Includes:


You can build Nether Stars which is the Catalyst for most of the other Recipes

You can make a dragon egg with Eyes of Ender surrounding a NetherStar 

You can make Iron ingots from Smooth Stone around a Nether Star

You can Make gold ingots from Iron Blocks around a Nether Star and So on


There are some smelting Recipes that can be Very useful


You can cook cake into Diamond Ore

You can Cook a Gold Ingot into Lava

You can Cook Poisonous Potato's and get a regular potato



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