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Filename klsts_adventure_mod_0.4.0.jar
Uploaded by klsts
Uploaded Apr 28, 2021
Game Version 1.15.2  
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[Bugfix] - Daggers and Maces could activate their special effect with projectiles.

- Added the Tandra dimension, with two main biomes: Ubur Wilderness and Ubur Bright Pains.

- Added Diraqua Dirt and Grass blocks, Cobbled Ustone (block, slab, stairs and wall) and some vegetation.

- Added a new tree, the Spine Tree, with log, wood, planks...

- Added a rare drop for the Heems.

- Added a new hostile mob, the SkyLord.



- Added a new mob, the Ancient Sentry, a very dangerous guard.

- Added Ores: Luxirite, Tandrian Silver, Tandrian Tiger Eye and Tandrian Wave.

-Added a Magic sistem. Wave tools use magic.

.Added a magic defense (called Endurance) sistem.

- Added a new mob, the Heem Corpse, an undead version of the Heem. They use magic attacks.

-Added a mew weapon: Whips.

-Added 2 new toolsets and armor sets: Wave and Tenebra (an enhancement of Steel).

-Added a new potion effect: Cursed. It will lower your Magic Points.

-Added a new SkyLord drop, which it can be used to craft Boots.

-Working on lore. Click F6 to open the GUI (currently only Heem entry is available).

-Added a new fish entity in Tandra: the Spotty Fish.

-Added a new food, the Spine Berry, that restores Magic Points. It can be acquired from Spine Leaves.



-Added 2 animal entities, the Borg and the Paridea. Borgs are neutral and spawn in Tandra's surface. Parideas are passive and spawn in structures underground.

- Added a new Tandrian ore and material, Goorium.

-Added more portal structures and 2 dungeon types, one more vanilla-like and other more similar to the bastions.

-Added Diraqua farmland and a new crop. The farm system will be upgrated in future versions.

-Added new turret entity, the Wave Guardian.

-Added raw versions of silver and pyrite.

-Added compability with the Ore Dictionary. Silver, pyrite and steel are compatible with other mods~!

-Updated the version of Mcreator, if you find any glitch report it please.

-Diraqua Grass, Canescent Bush and Spine leaves are now tinted with the biome grass/foliage colors.

-Added a little Sneak Peek of the next update ;-)

-Removed the enchantments: Reaper Reach (and the Hoe reach attack, because of Whips), Shoot Down (because of the Goorium Javelin).

-[Bugfix]: Sometimes items won't stake.

-[Bugfix]: Skeletons and Zombies couldn't spawn with Steel armor.