KKOreTech-Ores [Fabric]

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I am developing a new set of mods for 1.14, this mod adds the ores the others will require. Though the future mods will utilize the new tags for Minecraft, meaning other ore generating mods can be used in place of this as long as the tags are the same.


If you want to develop a mod using these ores, I am including here an explanation of the IDs and tags used as well as a list of metals and gems added.


IDs and Tags

Tag and ID format is metal_form. Forms are ores, ingots, and dusts. Thus for iron it's iron_ores, iron_ingots, iron_dusts. Nuggets are not added at this time because I have little use for my future plans but they can be added on request.


  • bauxite (ore), aluminum (metal)
  • bronze (dust and ingot)
  • copper
  • steel (dust and ingot)
  • iron (dust)
  • gold (dust)
  • tin
  • titanium
  • coal (dust)
  • diamond (dust)
  • emerald (dust)
  • ruby
  • sapphire
  • silicon (dust) [Created by cooking sand in blast furnace, may change in the future]

The dust is added for future mods, and there is no crafting recipe for alloys (steel and bronze) as of yet. The alloys will require a machine to process the dusts. All ores are added in world generation, the gems and titanium are found in the Nether.



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