Kingdoms & Dynasties

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Bringing Ancient Kingdoms & Dynasties to Minecraft

Ever wanted to be a Samurai in Minecraft? Maybe a warrior of Ancient China? Or perhaps you just want to spar in the form of Kendo. Nonetheless, this mod is for you!

This mod aims to bring a whole lot of civilizations from the 9th - 13th Century spanning from the Heian Era of Japan to the Imperial Period of China, with a sprinkle of each respective mythologies.

Fixed Server Sided Compatibilities 0.7.25+! Everything Should Be Working Now!!
GeckoLib API is required!!

Current Version Includes:
Japanese Heian Period :
Dyeable Karuta Armor (Samurai Armor)
Customisable Menpo's (Samurai Mask)
Conical Hats (Rice Hats/Asian Hats)
Weaponry (Katanas, Naginatas, Tantos, etc.)
& More!

Upcoming Additions:
Imperial China
The Mongol Empire
Joseon Dynasty
Building & Architecture
Mobs & Animals (Imperial Guardian Lions, Kitsune, Tanuki, Pheonix, Lushu, etc.)
Civilizations & NPCs
Mini-Bosses & Gods (Oni, Loong, Leishen, Dijiang, etc.)

Karuta Armor