Kindred Legacy


Kindred Legacy Cover Art

Familiar by name, a unique adventure in game, Kindred Legacy adds new mobs, including tamables, that combines ideas from different places to create a new idea. Designed to complement vanilla Minecraft play, the mod adds a splash of hostile mobs to spice up a player’s adventure. Okami Umbreon, Demon Vulpix, and Snow Sorceress Braixen are a few of the mobs that await in Kindred Legacy. 

Some mobs feature among the highest quality animation in Minecraft while staying true to the game’s blocky design so a player can play in style. 

 Firecracker Litten 

 With enough resources, players can add a tamable to fight by their side. Upgradable, easy to transport around, and difficult to lose forever, Kindred Legacy tamables offer a high quality mob to do the player’s bidding. 

 Bloodmoon Ninetales 

 The mod adds no world generation content and uses the Biome Dictionary for mob spawns, making Kindred Legacy easy to add to an already existing world. 

Snow Sorceress Braixen 

 A player's manual PDF for Kindred Legacy 1.2 can be downloaded via my DeviantArt scraps: FuzzyAcornIndustries Scraps The page for the PDF is a little buggy due to the file size and may require loading the page a few times.

 Kindred Legacy is the spiritual descendant of the modification, PokémonMD: Undaunted Heroes, a mod that added over 40 mobs and many items. With time, this mod is expected to become what PokémonMD was but for newer versions of Minecraft.