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Functionality is only tested for the modpack GT: New Horizons on 1.7.10.
I currently do not try to support anything outside this modpack.

Working Content list:
 - T.F.F.T Multi Tank: Store up to 25 different fluids in one single structure. No more super tank spam. My goal for the future is to make this structure work as well as possible with OpenComputers!
 - Mk1 & Mk2 Solid-Oxide Fuel Cells: Two structures to turn GregTech gas turbine fuels into energy and steam at high efficiency rates and without pollution.

Future plans:

 - Modular Nuclear Reactor: A nuclear reactor.
 - Item Distribution Network: Hopefully a way to enhance item sorting and distribution with systems like OpenComputers. 

My multiblock structures are usually made through GregTech's systems and therefore can be expected to have a similar rule sets as GT's multiblocks do.
I add content for this mod whenever I wish there way some better way to solve something in my current GTNH playthrough. I try to use OpenComputers for 
as much of the automation parts as possible, so my content can be expected to revolve around this topic.


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