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 IMPORTANT: You can also use KingCraft on your Aternos server!


News: Version 6.0 has entered the snapshot phase - Snapshots for this update will be released whenever I have the time for it! (currently I'm on a rough schedule, but I will return to the normal one in January or February, until then, take care and thanks for playing)


Alert: Use JEI or NEI for crafting recipes; Make sure you have the "Mod Resources" Resource Pack on the Top of Everything!




The Complex Update is now released!

New update 5.0 - The Complex Update is now released adding a lot of structures and a lot of rogue-like upgrading mechanics to Minecraft! Enjoy!


A mod which contains things that don't even exist! Everything I get on mind will be here!

New Biomes, Ores, Armor and Tools, of course!

Amber is something known. But what about amberite? Amberite is a gem made from amber and diamonds but can be also found.

Want some coke? Get caramel, bottle and drink!

New dimension - Wasteland! Make a portal using portal shards you find and explore a new world!

New mobs - Cursed Chicken (Very rare and hostile. But slow lol), Null (Rare, attacks you only when you attack it.) and Fly (Annoying and Useless)

What about navine? That's something better and rarer than coal and also can be used to create lantern which is stronger than torches!

Also Sancy - a great and also strong type of diamond... or steel... what to say.


New swords, armor and advancements! - Something that every mod needs.

New biome - Navarite Land (and also more of them). Now you may be asking - what's navarite? It's a new material which can spawn as diorite for example.

Also oily plains and death world exists - oily death lol

You can also find biomes such as rubbery forest or desert forest in this mod!

And that's only navarite tab!

For example Galanite - rare crystal - can be found in this mod to use as a defense!

Much more is hiding in this mod. Feel free to tell me, what do you want to see in this mod and check changelogs for all the knowledge!

ENJOY! Peace \/