Kamen Rider Craft

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This is the official Curse upload of Kamen Rider Craft.

Discord: https://discord.gg/3b37BRX


Since 1971, The Kamen Rider Series has captivated people across the world with it's stories, characters, and it's 'tokusatsu' production techniques. Now, nearly 50 years of Japanese cultural icons arrives in Minecraft!


Kamen Rider Craft began as a small project in late 2012 by Kelco_K22, and has since evolved into a spawling mod with hundreds of items, weapons, and forms with multiple developers on board.


Collect items, assemble an arsenal of armors and weapons, and fight a variety of new mobs and (soon to be added) bosses! Every series and era of Kamen Rider is represented in some form, including toy-exclusive and extra-canonical items and riders!





'Kamen Rider' and related characters are owned by Toei Company, Ltd. I do not make any claim to have created or own the concepts and designs shown in this mod. No profit has been made or will be made from this mod.




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