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Filename KalStuff-1.12.2-1.0.0-beta.jar
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Uploaded Apr 6, 2018
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[1.12.2-1.0.0-beta] - 2018-04-06

A year and a week later!


Updated KalStuff to Minecraft 1.12.2.



- changed KalStuff creative tab icon to the mug of coffee

- organized the creative tab

- walking sticks now have 32 durability and take damage when attacking

- walking sticks also now deal 3 damage (raised from 2 [3 = 1.5 hearts])

- bridge blocks are now blocked by very hard blocks (obsidian and above) as well as water


Fixed (or what I remember fixing, anyway):

- moon flowers opening/closing at the wrong times

- daggers not taking damage

- dagger backstabbing was unpredictable

- dagger backstabbing not working as intended

- boxing glove right clicking was unbalanaced

- boxing glove right clicking was broken in general

- soda cans were uncraftable

- grape crops had unbalanced drop amounts

- the chicken nest GUI would crash the game sometimes

- the words "Inventory" were missing above the player's inventory in the chicken nest GUI

- fixed configuration file/configuration GUI

- us not realizing that cottages haven't been in the mod since 1.9. Now we've formally removed them.

- restructured, cleaned up, and organize the project again... the code no longer takes over two weeks of study to understand

- a whole lot more... I can't believe I had written such bad, broken code before! D: