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For those who feel that tiled dirt just isn't enough for a loading screen, the addition of something to those screens might be welcomed.

As a simple feature to improve the loading screens, I present the tip-top tip mod, JustTheTips, for all your tip needs.


Current Features

  • Shows a randomly selected tip on loading screens.


Planned Features

  • Tips stored as JSON.
  • A rotating 3D model of a; block, item or mob, to be placed in the right corner.
  • Add a GUI in-game to show all of the tips as a list. - Suggested by Soaryn


Mod Showcase



Modpack Permissions

You may use this mod for any mod pack, as long as that pack downloads the mod from Curse and as long as you credit me and leave a link back to the CurseForge page.


This mod is inspired by; Fallout 3 and 4, and Aether Legacy.

The logo was made by pau101.

If you would like to submit any tips, you may add them here.


Official Postings

The sites listed below are the only official ones.

Please do not post my mod on another site without asking me and having that request approved first.

If you find this mod on any sites other than the ones listed, I would appreciate being notified.



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