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Just Needed aims to improve the vanilla experience by adding features that are highly requested and fit right in to vanilla minecraft.


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Supported Versions

1.19 - Supported

1.18.2 - Supported


No Longer Supported Versions




- Wool, sand, dirt, gravel, glowstone stairs/slabs!

- Pumpkin soup and cooked eggs!

- Recipes for items that should be craftable!

- More fuels for your furnace!


See all completed and planned features here!


Social Media

Twitter: @ImJustDoom

Discord Group: https://discord.gg/bYwESVg



Q: Will you make a fabric version?

A: Yes! You can find it here


Q: Will you support previous versions?

A: No, the code has changed a lot and it would be hard for me to maintain all versions. You can to create this mod for 1.13 and earlier if you'd like, just give me credit and have a link to either me or this mod page explaining its the original and I'll link the mod on this page.


Q: Can I use this in my modpack?

A: Yes you may


Q: I have a suggestion but how do I tell you?
A: You can submit suggestions here!


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