Just Fashion

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Just Fashion

Just Fashion adds a small GUI for people to pick suits and clothes to dress themselves up. 


Please find and download a community made Fashion Resource Pack for this mod to function correctly !


Available Community Packs :

Outfits [just fashion resource pack] 


If you made a Fashion Pack, please link it in the comments, or DM me a link, or find me on Discord to talk to me about it, and I will add it to this list !!


Fashion Packs are REQUIRED to correctly use this mod ! 


Install the mod, Install one or multiple packs, and start up your game. 

You can open the gui with the W key prior to 1.19, or with the M key for version including, and after 1.19


Just Fashion lets you turn swords into cosmetic items, 

Allows you to change the model of your shield and

and allows you to add clothing to dress up and get fancy !


To Create a Fashion Pack:

please follow the tutorial on the wiki.

For questions please contact me on Discord !


Here is a mod review that recaps what this mod is about :



Here are some older pictures that show some old clothing options and showcase cosmetic shields :



Transform from wannabe pirate 


Into a real pirate! 


Changing Clothes ... 




For more in-depth info, please visit the wiki ! 


For Questions, please do visit my Discord : 



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