Just Enough Dimensions

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Filename justenoughdimensions-1.12.2-1.6.0-dev.20171201.015434.jar
Uploaded by masady
Uploaded Dec 6, 2017
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 156.46 KB
Downloads 177
MD5 4561e80ee068e0407468f38aeb5b36be
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


  • (This was uploaded as an alpha for a couple of people to use in their packs, that are familiar with the dev version and the changes it has)
  • There have been some changes in the config format, and a few commands have been renamed slightly. If you actually want to use this version, then those changes have been listed on the #jed channel on my Discord server for now. They will be added to the front page/documentation when the 1.6.0 stable gets released.
  • Added a command to reload the main config from file
  • Added more debug logging messages
  • Moved the JED properties from WorldInfoJED to JEDWorldProperties (meaning that WorldInfo overrides aren't needed anymore to set the JED properties, although some of them only work with JED WorldProviders anyway...)
  • Changed WorldInfo overriding for far better Sponge-compatibility than the 1.5.x version had
  • Changed the world spawn point creation code (a spawn point is now not searched for, if all the three coordinates have been given in either of the "worldinfo" sections in the dimension config, making it possible to pre-define an exact spawn point)
  • Changed the filename JED uses for the per-dimension WorldInfo data (level.dat -> jed_level.dat). Avoids a name collision and problems with Sponge. If you have old dimensions created with JED, with worldinfo_onetime settings that have been changed in the config after creating the dimensions, or you have changed some per-dimension settings like game rules, then you should rename those files manually before starting the server in this version of JED. Basically if you are NOT running Sponge, then it's recommended to rename them.
  • Set BiomeProviderSingle for WorldProviderSurfaceJED earlier and cleaner (improves Sponge compatibility among other things)
  • Fix some JSON parsing errors and error handling
  • Fix some dimbuilder bugs and improve the remove command
  • Fix detecting generator changes when applying WorldInfo values in the overworld
  • Add the ability to use custom sky renderers