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Junior's Troll TNT

Welcome to Junior's Troll TNT Mod!

This TNT Mod allows you to troll all your friends, just with one TNT.

Troll TNT

The Troll TNT. 
It duplicates itself into 6 more when broken.
Explodes instantly when primed.
The Troll TNTTroll TNT Recipe

Camouflaged Troll TNT

The camouflaged version of the normal Troll TNT.
It looks like a normal TNT at first, but when destroyed looks like a Troll TNT.
Camouflaged Troll TNT RecipeRecipes

Troll TNT Remover

The Troll TNT Remover.
It removes Troll TNT with with a right-click instantly.
The remover is an admin item and not craftable.

You can get it with /trolltntremover
Troll TNT Remover


Made with đź’– by juniorWMG

Decompiling this mod is not allowed! --> All rights reserved.

If you have any issues or questions about the mod, feel free to text me on Discord: junior Feuerwolf#0941 or consider writing a comment.

AD: Also try the TrollMods modpack! Click me!