Jumpy Boats(Fabric/Quilt)


Attention: After v4.0, this mod requires Forge Config API Port !

The jumpyboat beta version will not be supported and the author will not accept beta version issues.


MC Version:

<1.19:use Fabric

>=1.19:use Fabric or Quilt


JumpyBoat Version:

2.0<=x<3.0: Use command "jumpyboat jumphigher true/false" to decide whether jump one block high.

3.0<=x<4.0: Use key binding(Default K) to open option screen.

4.0<=x:Use Forge Config API Port

With this mod installed you can make small jumps while riding a boat enabling you to travel from water onto land and even scale small slopes.

Ported from Jumpy Boats(Made by Lobster Jonn)(https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/jumpy-boats)