Juju's CoffeeCraft

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Juju's CoffeeCraft is an all new mod created by a coffee fanatic looking for something to satisfy that caffeine fueled craving. She couldn't find the right mod, so she made her own! Based off of real coffeehouse style drinks, with authentic recipes to match(albeit simplified for the Minecraft world). There are also plenty of pastries and baked goods for that sweet tooth, as well as tons of decorative blocks to design your cafe. 








The leaves on the trees have all fallen--autumn has come and gone once again. Did you notice the breeze has gotten a lot cooler? I also think I see snowflakes! Better hurry up and get the lights up outside, because the holidays will be here before you know it!


New for the holidays are more blocks, food/drinks, 3 world gen items, and more clothing/armor.  Start the season off right by finding the Holiday Spirit that has spawned in the world. Capture it and use it for crafting new goodies. Maybe start with a Cup of Cheer to get that joyful feeling going? Or find a Snowball Pile to throw at your friends. Don't forget to deck the halls with festive blocks, including lights, a wreath, cases/shelves, and more. Whip up a batch of Cookies for Santa to place on his table. Finish your holiday baking by creating your own giant gingerbread house.  Or how about a gingerbread cafe? You could serve Gingerbread Lattes! When the day is done, change into your Cozy Xmas Sweater and slip on your Fuzzy Bunny Slippers. Grab a cup of Egg Nog and relax by the new animated Faux Fireplace block.  Ahhh...nothing quite like the rush of the holidays. ;)


Enjoy!! :D











Requires Forge Modloader to run, as well as Minecraft version 1.7.10. 


To install: Download file from Curse and place into the mods folder. 


Is compatible with other mods, but remember, not all will work together! Be sure you have the correct version of Minecraft installed, as well as the correct mod versions compatible with Minecraft 1.7.10.  


Want to use this mod in a pack or on your server? Go ahead! Just be sure to credit JujuAwesomeBeans. :D


 Coming Soon--Late Winter/Early Spring 2017:

Crop Support! Get prepared to grow all of the Juju's CoffeeCraft plants in your own garden.  ;)


**Need help with recipes?**



Visit our wikia page! Juju's CoffeeCraft Wikia

Now looking for people to help fill the wikia! Go ahead, stop by and add a page. :)


Also follow our thread on Minecraft Forums for updates! 


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