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Filename journeymap-1.17.1-5.8.0.jar
Uploaded by Mysticdrew
Uploaded Mar 17, 2022
Game Version 1.17.1   +1
Size 6.54 MB
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MD5 52db3e5bde23ef9777c300bf4d4294c9
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JourneyMap 1.17.1-5.8.0 for Minecraft 1.17.1


  • Java 16
  • Minecraft 1.17.1
  • Forge 1.17.1-37.1.1

General Information:

CHANGELOG (2022-03-17-09:23:21):

New in 1.17.1-5.8.0

  • IMPORTANT: Minimum forge version 37.1.1 required for log4j security issues.
  • Added: Waypoint Crud events for api.
  • Added: Waypoint accessors for api.
  • Added: Multiplayer Option so users can hide themselves on the map when expanded radar is enabled.
  • Added: Temporary waypoints that disappear on approach.
  • Added: Fullscreen hotkey to hide buttons, default key:h
  • Added: Option to disable strikethrough of disabled waypoints on the waypoint manager.
  • Added: Map Data Caching, solves a lot of teleport and waypoint creation issues when out of render range.
  • Added: DataFixer for automapping old worlds
  • Added: Many webmap enhancements.
  • Added: New option for self scale on map so it is no longer tied to player entity scale.
  • Added: Server Option to set max map render distance.
  • Added: Server Option to hide underground players.
  • Added: Addons can create mouse over tooltips for entities on the fullscreen map.
  • Added: Event for addons to hook into displayed entities.
  • Added: Event for addons to create their own info slots.
  • Added: Ability for addons to get JM data path.
  • Added: Hooks for API addons to add items to the Options screen.
  • Added: Hooks for API to add buttons and toolbars to fullscreen map.
  • Added: Api labels can also be i18n keys.
  • Added: Right Click menu on fullscreen map with full API(1.8) support!
  • Added: New Api events for fullscreen mouse_click, mouse_drag, and mouse_move.
  • Added: New Biome Map Type
  • Added: Position Button in Minimap Bottom Bar for minimap and effects moving.
  • Added: Cartography option to map water colors based on biome. Default: False
  • Added: Version packet for use by bukkit/spigot/sponge servers. See our discord for details.
  • Added: Info Slot Background opacity option.
  • Added: Moon Phase info slot.
  • Updated: Fixed old icons and added icons for new mobs. Thanks Sandriell
  • Updated: Default Scaling settings updated from .5 to 1(Self, Player, Mob).
  • Updated: Chunk Data Caching - Fixes all memory issues, but new format all current chunk cache is invalid.
  • Updated: zh_ch language by Nightsharp.
  • Updated: Fullscreen double click time between clicks reduced to trigger a double click from 450ms to 250ms.
  • Updated: Many textbox improvements and fixes.
  • Updated: Major optimizations to polygon overlay rendering.
  • Updated: Region Data Caching optimizations.
  • Updated: Journeymap API 1.8 Snapshot
  • Updated: Polygon triangulation logic, MUCH better now, holes work! Thanks to Mirality(uecasm)
  • Updated: Updated to latest forge RB
  • Changed: Options Screen layout.
  • Changed: Screens to use new flat button styles.
  • Changed: Custom fullscreen entityTooltips to take a list.
  • Changed: Keybinding loading.
  • Changed: Waypoint Icon texture loading/saving in prep for custom waypoint icons.
  • Changed: Mod initialization load order so i18n is loaded before configs are generated.
  • Changed: Entities with Custom Names label display now respect text formatting.
  • Changed: Cartography render distances default to video setting render distance.
  • Changed: CustomNamed Entity labels renders a better when display is set to dots.
  • Changed: Textbox logic to be smoother and cleaner when clicking and highlighting
  • Changed: Click through buttons are now dropdowns.
  • Changed: Potion effects have a zone where they will also shift when in custom option now.
  • Changed: Entity icons are now much shaper when upscaled.
  • Changed: InfoSlot data update time lowered.
  • Removed: ModInfo tracking since MC removed the snooper settings.
  • Removed: Server sided biome logic, no longer needed with data caching.
  • Fixed: Villager profession icons.
  • Fixed: Powered creeper icons.
  • Fixed: OpenGL errors when minecraft is minimized when on fullscreen map.
  • Fixed: Possible issue with text on the minimap when resource packs change the font.
  • Fixed: Invalid file names breaking map saver.
  • Fixed: Odd error logs from data caching.
  • Fixed: Waypoint api fixes.
  • Fixed: Moonphase off by 1.
  • Fixed: Missing mob texture exception spam.
  • Fixed: Cave slider smoothness.
  • Fixed: Addon waypoints doing weird things.
  • Fixed: Media keys causing opengl error.
  • Fixed: WorldId issues.
  • Fixed: Possible exploit in gaining access to server admin.
  • Fixed: Fullscreen button tooltips rendering when a new screen layer is on top.
  • Fixed: Waypoint name column expands for long waypoint names.
  • Fixed: Better biome detection.
  • Fixed: OSX display scale issues with mouse on fullscreen map.
  • Fixed: Waypoint custom teleport command textbox issues.
  • Fixed: Text box set to 32 chars.
  • Fixed: Mod Compat JEI crash with chat in fullscreen
  • Fixed: Some logging issues
  • Fixed: Issues with player names rendering far off minimap.
  • Fixed: Polygon stroke lines with angles by MemeSapiens
  • Fixed: Webmap freezing.
  • Fixed: Addon overlay titles drawing when not supposed to.
  • Fixed: Issue with getting model data.
  • Fixed: '/jm' without args crashes the game.
  • Fixed: Empty popup menu crash.
  • Fixed: Dragging Effect Icons only worked in when minimap is in top right position.
  • Fixed: Webmap loading issues.
  • Fixed: Loading timer NaN issue.
  • Fixed: Invisible players no longer appear on map.
  • Fixed: Textbox options menu sizing.
  • Fixed: Weirdness with options screen when resource packs change fonts.
  • Fixed: Entity drawing weirdness on minimap.
  • Fixed: Keybinds not sticking on restart. Due to JM load ordering change.
  • Fixed: Dropdown loading for addons.
  • Fixed: Too much metadata saved for addon properties.
  • Fixed: Minimap position option window sizing.
  • Fixed: Waypoint teleporting in the nether.
  • Fixed: Issue when clicking outside of the dropdown.
  • Fixed: Jetty META-INF maven trash removed to avoid module conflicts with dynmap.
  • Fixed: Cave slider click issues.
  • Fixed: Polygon line drawing
  • Fixed: Mod Compat -> OptiFine blurry textures and text.
  • Fixed: More dimension naming issues.
  • Fixed: Fixed some issues with waypoint label rendering.
  • Fixed: Empty scaled entity texture
  • Fixed: Dropdown Translations.
  • Fixed: Cave Map disabling issues
  • Fixed: Api stroke rendering
  • Fixed: Beacon rendering when create and optifine are installed
  • Fixed: Effect rendering when optifine is installed.
  • Fixed: Most mod interactions with effect icon moving.
  • Fixed: Mod interaction issues with FlyWheel rendering.
  • Fixed: Realm Server name issues and log spam.
  • Fixed: Some friendly entities not showing up on radar.
  • Fixed: Minimap polygon overlay issues.
  • Fixed: Polygon Title Text displaying on minimap.
  • Fixed: Handle permission change event correctly(1.18 and 1.17 only).

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