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Filename journeymap-1.16.5-5.7.3.jar
Uploaded by Mysticdrew
Uploaded Jul 22, 2021
Game Version 1.16.5
Size 6.55 MB
Downloads 2,406,566
MD5 aee0d91291596187c59759ceb4214fc6
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Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.16 Versions


JourneyMap 1.16.5-5.7.3 for Minecraft 1.16.5


  • Java 8
  • Minecraft 1.16.5
  • Forge 1.16.5-36.2.0

General Information:

CHANGELOG (2021-07-22-08:42:42):

New in 1.16.5-5.7.3

  • Fixed: Optifine incompatibility
  • Added: Server option to let users view server admin screen in read-only mode. (default:true)
  • Added: Server Option to fully disable journeymap for non-ops.
  • Added: Server Option to disable in-game rendering of waypoint beacons.
  • Added: Server Option to disable waypoints, also disables waypoint manager and create/edit waypoint screens.
  • Added: Client only command /jm wpreload to reload all waypoint files.
  • Added: Minimap background opacity slider.
  • Added: Waypoint Deviation, see your deviation from waypoints. Enabled in waypoint options then per waypoint.
  • Added: Server Option do disable Death Waypoint creation on user death.
  • Added: Mouse over fullscreen map in multiplayer worlds now has biome and region. (Server Admins can disable)
  • Added: Custom minimap location, in minimap options, enable preview, set to custom location then press CTRL and drag or arrow keys.
  • Added: When minimap in default(top-right) effect icons are now moved to the left of the minimap.
  • Added: Scaling slider for Icon and Dot sizing.
  • Added: Ability to hide OP users when Expanded Radar is enabled.
  • Added: Fullscreen map option to disable player position and block position of the mouse pointer.
  • Added: Client option under Advanced to hide spectators.
  • Added: Server option to hide spectators when expanded radar is enabled(overrides client setting).
  • Added: Time Context to Game Time Real.
  • Added: Waypoint Manager option to open in current dim -> enable in waypoint options.
  • Added: Waypoint dimension button is now a dropdown style button!
  • Updated: Waypoint Manager distance label to use scientific notation if it is a very large number.
  • Updated: Waypoint Manager margins, increased the space between Distance and Name.
  • Updated: Server admin screen save button disabled if user has read only access.
  • Updated: Forge and ForgeGradle -> removed mixins because mixingradle does not work with FG5.1
  • Updated: Dimension dropdown button clean up and added arrow glyph.
  • Updated: Migrated to Mojang Maps
  • Changed: Potion Effect Mixin changed to coremod.
  • Changed: Webmap settings are synced with Fullscreen settings.
  • Changed: Font Scale and Waypoint label Font Scale are now separate.
  • Changed: Font scaling is now a float instead of an integer to allow for fine tuning of scales.
  • Changed: Server Admin screen revamp to match Journeymap's Options screen.
  • Changed: Version naming for better user visibility and comparing on the server.
  • Changed: Waypoint command set OP level 2 so command blocks can use it.
  • Changed: Return display is now a stack, should provide smoother transitions between screens.
  • Changed: ProjectVibrantJourney's ground decor no longer clutters the map.
  • Changed: Setting Journeymap's surface or cave render distance to 0, uses minecraft's render distance setting.
  • Removed: Icon and Dot size selections.
  • Fixed: Unable to drag scroll bar on edit waypoint screen dimensions.
  • Fixed: Many bugs and edge cases with Waypoint manager dimension dropdown.
  • Fixed: SaveMap file name issues on windows.
  • Fixed: Migration of Minecraft dim id change handled. Your old world data will load correctly now.
  • Fixed: Option Category tooltips.
  • Fixed: Minimap throwing errors when the game get minimized is certain situations.
  • Fixed: Several state handling issues when switching between single and multiplayer.
  • Fixed: Hotkeys can conflict with other gui screens.
  • Fixed: Color Palette does not reset if set to permanent, resetting it just adds new blocks.
  • Fixed: Rescaling the minimap would sometimes cause the cross-hair to deform.
  • Fixed: API not working correctly due to 1.16.5 port.
  • Fixed: Disabling animals on radar also disables players.
  • Fixed: Waypoint Teleport issues for mod dims
  • Fixed: Realms server naming. Realms server data will no longer randomly reset.
  • Fixed: Waypoint Editor name automatically selected when creating a new waypoint.
  • Fixed: Waypoint Icon rendering issues.
  • Fixed: New Waypoints not associated with correct dimension until relog.
  • Fixed: Remote Version check
  • Fixed: Waypoint Deathpoint resetting on dim change.
  • Fixed: Waypoint text and icons not rendering correctly.
  • Fixed: More waypoint dimension fixes.
  • Fixed: Waypoint opened in FC map with hotkey has hotkey value set as name.
  • Fixed: Waypoint creation in FC map in the nether divides by 8.
  • Fixed: Waypoint Manager not refreshing when a new waypoint is created from the manager.
  • Fixed: Waypoint manager blowing up for waypoints with no dimensions.
  • Fixed: Some protection if other mods register the 'world_info' network channel.
  • Fixed: Teleporting to waypoint with no dimensions.
  • Fixed: Fixed button AbstractMethodError mapping issue.
  • Fixed: Automapping The End and Nether
  • Fixed: Get Servername error due to mojangmap port
  • Fixed: Web-map waypoints not displaying.
  • Fixed: Web-map polygons only displaying when fullscreen is open.
  • Fixed: Api polygon drawing inconsistently.
  • Fixed: Seagrass not honoring no plants.
  • Fixed: Waypoint Manager margins changing when cycling through dims.
  • Fixed: Duplicate vanilla dimensions in waypoint dimension selection dropdown.
  • Fixed: Birthday message crash, happy birthday Techbrew!
  • Fixed: Teleporting from nether to overworld coords were off a bit.
  • Fixed: Server option manager saving a minecraft named config.

Known Issues

  • GL Texture errors may show up in the logs when using fabulous graphics settings with some graphics cards. Should not effect images.

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