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JourneyMap Waypoint Radar

JourneyMap Waypoint Radar

A simple mod that uses Journey Map Waypoints to show Radar Pings.


https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/mcheli-minecraft-helicopter-mod or some other version of mcheli




Note: There are a lot of things I want to add, and I'd appreciate you're suggestions and bug reports.

Mcheli Waypoint Radar

If a player rides an mcheli aircraft that has an "entity radar" mode, yellow waypoints at the location of other players in their mcheli aircraft will be sent to the player.

Players on the same team automatically share radar pings.

You can modify the range and stealth values for each plane in the config file. (**/config/configjmradar.cfg)

Beyond Player Render Distance Missiles

You can now use the /radar shoot command to launch a guided missile from your plane at an enemy outside your render distance. The missiles will load new chunks around them until they reach their target or die if your radar looses track of them.

Be warned that this feature is new and I'm assuming there are a lot of unforeseen issues.


Register an entity with ApiRadarEntity.instance.addRadar(id, range, radarRate, targetType, radarEntity, playerEntity, infoRange) to have an entity send radar data to registered players. Every radar must have a unique string id.

Target Types: 0 = Players | 1 = Player Riding Mcheli Aircraft | 2 = Mobs

Example code with custom npcs in the scripted init hook:

var apiinstance = Java.type("onewhohears.minecraft.jmradar.api.ApiRadarEntity").instance;
var radar = apiinstance.getRadarById("testid");
if (radar == null) radar = apiinstance.addRadar("testid", 1000, 20, 1, npc.getMCEntity(), world.getPlayer("example_name").getMCEntity(), 10);


/radar shoot <radar waypoint name>

/clearpings removes all ping waypoints.