Journey to Gensokyo

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- Added: Fairies can now be befriended with flowers. More info below.

- Added: New recipe to turn danmaku into cores

- Change: Changed and fixed many danmaku recipes

- Change: Lowered spawn change for mobs. Delete your configs to get the new spawn chances.

- Change: Works with DanmakuCore 0.4.0

- Techincal: Redid danmaku crafting code

- Techincal: Generic cleanup

- Fix: Tengu crash on server


Befriending fairies

I won't give the entire thing away, however I will give a few hints to guide people in the correct direction.

  1. Fairies likes flower.
  2. Fairies are all different in what they like
  3. Fairies can be a little scared
  4. Fairies grow easily bored

In the future this will be the start of how to "tame" fairies

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