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23,497 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 24, 2019 Game Version: Forge

The X Pack

  • This mod is a collection of utilities created for my modpacks under The X Pack series.
  • The mod adds support for various custom features, currently:
  • Custom login events. Current ones:

    Random fireworks (color diversity, height)

    Custom client-only chat messages. These have 3 mods that change in function between:free message, message that mentions the player name, and message that automatically changes based on statistics it pulls (such as modpack download count)

    Modpack donor cape support

    Features can be toggled both from the player's end (Forge configs), and the modpack author's end (remote json configs). This allows greater functionality as a modpack author

  • These utilities were specifically made for The X Pack series; currently out of that environment support is not guaranteed.