JoJo's Bizarre Survival

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This mod is based on the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga and anime series by Hirohiko Araki (荒木 飛呂彦).

This mod is also heavily inspired by KnightDemon's 1.12 mod Steve's Bizarre Survival.


This mod aims to add as much from the franchise as possible to Minecraft, the mod is currently only comprised of Stand abilities, other abilities (Hamon, Vampirism) will be added later in updates.

There are currently 26 different Stands in the mod if you don't count acts as different Stands (31 if you do),

the current Stands are:

The World, Star Platinum, King Crimson, Tusk, Echoes, Made in Heaven, D4C, Beach Boy, Purple Haze, Gold Experience, Hierophant Green, Silver Chariot, Magician's Red, Aerosmith, 

Weather Report, Crazy Diamond, The Emperor, Whitesnake, C-Moon, The Hand, Green Day, 20th Century Boy, The Grateful Dead, Sticky Fingers, Killer Queen and Gold Experience Requiem.


All have fully finished models and abilities, an overview of their models and abilities can be found on this page.


External links:

Official Discord server

GitHub page



My game crashes with Error: java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException

- The mod is created for Forge versions 31.2.36 and over, running versions under that will crash the game. TLDR; Use 1.15.2 Forge Latest, not Recommended.


A picture of me with Sticky Fingers! ^^^

The World stopping time! ^^^

King Crimson creating an afterimage! ^^^



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