JoJo: Hamon Era

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Passive Abilities: 

- Regeneration 2

- Strength 2

- Speed 1


Blood Bar:

- Has 10 points

- Regenerates 1 point every minute


Primary Ability:

- Zombie Minion (Default: Z)  |  Cooldown: 5 Seconds  |  Cost: 2 Blood
  Summons a zombie minion who will fight for you, right click to make them stand still!


Secondary Ability:

- Freeze (Default: X)  |  Cooldown: 15 Seconds  |  Cost: 3 Blood

  Allows you to freeze entities for 5 seconds!


Ultimate Ability:

- Space Ripper Stingy Eyes (Default: C)  |  Cooldown: 60 Seconds  |  Cost: 5 Blood

  Shoot a high powered laser of vampirism essence from your eyes!


Blood Sucking and Stealing:
- Kill a Humanoid Mob with an empty hand to suck its blood and add to your bar!

  All mobs heal back 1 blood, besides players, who heal back 3.
- Kill a Humanoid Mob with a knife to steal its blood!
  You can drink the blood from the knife, or use 4 bloody knives and a bottle to get even more blood back!


Vampire Conversion:
- Use a knife to get your Vampire blood, and feed it to another Player!

Player will be a Weakened Vampire, instead of a full vampire!


Weakened Vampires:

- Lower Stats than Full Vampires.

  Strength 1, Regeneration 1, Speed 1

- Abilities cost more blood.

  Primary: 3  |  Secondary: 4  |  Ultimate: 6

- Can use a stone mask to become a Full Vampire!



Hamon Users

Passive Abilities:

- Strength 1
- Regeneration 1


Hamon Bar:

- Has 5 points

- Regenerates 1 point every 15 seconds


Primary Ability:

- Zoom Punch (Default: Z)  |  Cooldown: 5 Seconds  |  Cost: 1 Hamon

  Hits the mob in front of you up to 4 blocks away! (Default reach is 2 blocks)


Secondary Ability:

- Bubble Launcher (Default: X)  |  Cooldown: 10 Seconds  |  Cost: 2 Hamon

  Shoots out a fast volley of 5 bubbles, dealing significant damage!


Ultimate Ability:

- Sunlight Yellow Overdrive (Default: C)  |  Cooldown: 50 Seconds  |  Cost: 5 Hamon

  Temporarily enhances all your stats to even higher than a vampires for 15 seconds!
  (Regeneration 3, Strength 3, Speed 3, Resistance 1, Jump Boost 1)

Turning into Vampire:
- If a Hamon User becomes a Vampire, they will immediately start dying, then be reborn without Hamon



Mob Uses:

- Teaches you Hamon, at the cost of a stone mask!

  Vampires will not be able to learn Hamon!

Spawns in the Joestar Mansion!



- Will destroy any stone masks for you, and give you some experience in return!
  Vampires can destroy masks as well!

Spawns in the Joestar Mansion!



- Drops a stone mask upon death

  Currently the only way to obtain a stone mask!
  Spawns in SPRUCE forests!


- No actual use, drops Pluck upon death.

Pluck deals more damage to vampires!
  Spawns in the Joestar Mansion!




Metal Silver Overdrive

- 5 Levels, all doing increasingly more damage to Vampires! 

Replaces enchantments like Sharpness, Smite, or Bane of Arthropods.



- Protects Vampires from the Sun.

Helmet only enchantment!


Vampiric Syringe
- Will fill empty bottles in inventory with blood!
Also fills blood bar without needing to use your hand!


   Joestar Mansion

- Spawns somewhat rarely in Plains Biomes
If you can't find one, you can also craft one!

Red Arrow points to direction mansion will spawn

Right click to spawn in, BE CAREFUL PLACING!





- Opens the starting menu

Allows you to switch between abilities quicker,


/bloodlevel [number]

- Lets you set your blood level

(0 will disable, use numbers 1-11)

/hamonlevel [number]

- Lets you set your hamon level

(0 will disable, use numbers 1-6)



- Resets all abilities cooldowns



[ I am not associated with Hirohiko Araki, Shueisha, or David Productions in any way ]

[I am non-profit, and all music ncluded within this mod is owned by the respective artists and no copyright infringement is intended.]


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