JLine for Dedicated Server


News: Now also found on Modrinth!


A server side mod to enable command history, auto completion and syntax highlighting on the server console, somewhat similar to the chat console in the game or the Spigot server console. Should have zero impact on the gameplay.

jline4mcdsrv icon

Fabric is the only supported mod loader, Fabric API is not required by this mod.

This mod is configured via jline4mcdsrv.toml in the config folder:

  • logPattern is the pattern used for Log4j 2 (documentation found here)
  • highlightColors is a list of colors used to highlight parameters in order (as seen in the image above)

PSA: Since Minecraft 1.17 the -Dlog4j.skipJansi=false command line argument is needed for %style/%highlight log output (0.6.2 doesn't require this anymore).

This mod only works if the server is started with the 'nogui' option. There's no plan to add support for the GUI server.