Withering Away

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The mod "JJB:Withering Away" is all abaut new Wither "things" that slowly infects the world.
sekshyns of the mod:

A-the normal
B-the wepenry

1- (keep in mind that this are only example and in mod there's more to suprise you!(olso there's like 23 mobs...))
Withering Flesh
this mob is weak with little health and defense. he leaves Wither goo behind and attack's everything that moves, even other Withering Flesh.
after dying it spawn (for now random number of) Withering bug's.

Withering bug
it is a small worm-like creature that attacks animals, villagers and zombies.
after killing the player / enttity starts spreding wither block's

Withering blob
The Withering blob will stand and wait for the victims.
after locating victims it will start walking/sliding towards them and attacking from a distance.
it can after killing Player / Enttity spawn withering tesla or spred infection

Withering tesla
it has 2 levels.
In the first, It will stand still and do nothing. after attacking it will spawn Witherling bug's and Withering Blob.
level 2 this is the time when the testla will change from enttity to blocks and I will start spawn Witherling bugs.


Withering block
walking on it will make player / enttity get Withering away and Call of Withering

Withering block version but It don't give any effects on Player / Enttity

Withering goo
basically the withering block but in form of goo

Reanforsm wither block
craft'et aut of wither ingots, is use at a "defanse wall" bolck



Wither flesh
it drops out of Withering Flesh.

Pack Of Withering
it drops out of Withering Blocks.

Chragt Pack Of Withering
it drops out after explouding Withering Blocks.

it drops out of Witherling.

Poverd Withering Chaln
it drops out of Withering core block.

The Withering Orb
it drops out of Witherling tesla.

Unwithert Item

it drops out of Wther tipe Enttity after killing it whif wepen enchantet on unwithering.

crafted whif Poverd Chaln, 4 The Withering Cheln and 4 Chragt Pack Of Withering
place wepen in off heand and Rekarnaton in mein heand and right click on the block. for now usles


The vicer
craftet aut of Wither flesh, Pack of withering & chaln.
use for wepen recepis

The wither skin
craftet from 9 wither flesh
use for wepen recepis

sharp vit
craft it from 2 chanl's, 2 Wither skin's, and one vicer
use for... the same thing (im like evriting left)

Rentar, Kretar and Orenker
this are speshal pises, to craft wepens poverful inaf, to kill wither's this are:

The Cheln Blade

Hevy Vicer War Axe

Mega Swiper
HOU (?)


[AFTER V. 1.8]


there is a new tab for "debug" menu, im working on new boss (no spilers!) and the E.P. (Evolution Phaze) and more!


2.09.22-start of mod [No changelog provided]

4.09.22- [No changelog provided]

New achiwments, withering bugs are after some time torn into blocks, bug fixses  


20.09.2022- new block an way to craft mods, vajce.


26.09.2022- the mod has been aksedently deletyt and i working on remaiking it.


30.09.2022/01.10.2022- pre-bata 1.4-1 and 1.4-2 has been uploudet at forge.


02.10.2022- the pre-beta 1.4-3 has been uploudet at forge.


03.10.2022- new lock of block and items, for some time remow boss and briks, add: new grup of mobs: Hunters, Witherling worm, Wither hunter, new tesla


04.10.2022- pre-beta 1.5 is aut. in it: New grups of mobs of mobs calld "predatores" has been added, there are now 2 mobs. they can evolvd from the Witherling Hunter


05.10.2022- beta 1.5 is aut. in it: teslas can now spred withering, new mob for predetors grup calld " Witherling Vermis " witnoid can spawn teslas, the new wepen calld " the Chaln blade "


13.10.2022- beta 1.6 is aut. in it: new grop of mobs calld "alfa", for now it haw 1 mob. sadly spawning macanicks aren't finisht. new wepens and "hanters" naw spawn only on night.


19.11.2022- 4 new mobs [1 of theme is a progecktile]:

                   -Wither Worker: ant-base mob will stay in one place until someting hapend or it finde a pray. will attack: animal's, skeleton's, spider's, zombie's and will run awaye from Player and Iron golem


                   -LauWitio: a Bio-Cannon-like mob. shoot bollet's, is prydy slow and it's not a tret in good armor and if not in lare grops. behawure[attack and run]: same as Worker.


                   -Wither Telexamis: a progektile-like "mob". does't have a wey of self. will infinytly jump arand untyl it hits a mob or is day.


                   -Wither Queen: a work-in-progres boss. no spoilers! thanks to " Ali107 " and " chocolate_man43 " for idieas!



"Maybe something like a giant spider that lives in a cave full of webs that give you the wither effect."-chocolate_man43\


"How about an enderman-sized boss that shoots wither fireballs,

that when it hits something it converts all applicable blocks within range into "withered block" and in range,

mobs would get the wither effect."- Ali107



                    a new Phaze system of infection! [ Thaks you Minecraftmaker12!] for now, there are 5 phaze's.



                     for other thing: new creative tab and " debag " tab for " behinde the sinc " and unfinesht content, some minener texture ubdate's, " aresum "


good lock escaping the disisembiling darknes and inposible to defet monster of Wither :}