Jeremy's Adventure Mod (JAM)

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Jeremy is your friend, he fights with you till the end!



Craft yourself a heart of Jeremy to make one for yourself, Jeremy can fight, crawl, carry a chest, and much more!




You might not know who Jeremy is, so here's a quick explanation: 

Jeremy is a nice little character I made around in 2019 (or possibly 2018) on the Minecraft server SKrafty, everyone there has loved and cherished Jeremy so much I've decided to make a whole mod dedicated to him.


Jeremy is made to be nice, and a friend to all, teaching everybody about creativity and friendship.


Jeremy has had plenty of haters on SKrafty but none of them has ever affected me or Jeremy alike, maybe people could learn a thing or two from that.



V1: Base Mod

Added a few Hearts of Jeremy that could be used to summon 4 different kinds of Jeremy (Jeremy, Transport, Golden, Chest)


V2: Jerald

Jerald :
The boss introduced in this update

Jerald can be found in his temple (only one spawns per world) sleeping, you need a Jeremy by your side to wake him up, then... the battle begins!
Jerald is very strong, he uses Gnomes and Drones to fight off Jeremy's and Players.
In fact, Jerald likes to YEET TNT at players during the Boss fight!
You must come very prepared with armor and such.


All of the Jeremy's in this version :

Jeremy (The Jeremy everyone knows and loves!)
Storage Jeremy (A Jeremy that carries around a chest for quick storage)
Golden Jeremy (Strengthened by the gold, Golden Jeremy is twice as fast and strong as regular Jeremy!)
Miner Jeremy (Hidden because it is bugged)
Transport Jeremy (Crawling Jeremy that is rideable by players, he is fast, he is speed)
Warrior Jeremy (Wields Carrot weapons and armor)
Magical Jeremy (Fires carrots at monsters using his Carrot Wand!)
Bat Jeremy (Tiny Jeremy flies around all happy like)



Blocks and Baubles (no not the mod, the word Bauble meaning small trinket) :

Lots of bug fixes have also been made, if you find any, report them above.



Music Discs :

The mod has many music discs with unique sounds to each of them :


This mod is completely survival friendly :) 


 It may just look like a load of items and blocks, but it really isn't, it was carefully created by a small team of players who love Jeremy.


Important Disclaimers :

Please publish showcase videos as imbedded links in the description.


Don't EVER republish this mod on another website without my permission.


Feel free to add to your mod-packs.


Report problems/bugs in the issues tab above.


If you dislike Jeremy, keep it to yourself.



Try the mod out yourself and experiment with all of the wonderful things JAM has to offer!



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