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Hello everyone and welcome back to my third mod! I bring you... Jen's Wacky Guesses Mod! This mod contains a bunch of mobs/bosses I made based off GamingWithJen's crazy guesses in PopularMMOs' Challenge Games series on YouTube! Here are the top 10 wackiest guesses!


The Banana Boss (Boss)

HP: 150

Damage: 4

Armor: 2


-Throws bananas at you

-Spawns in banana minions



-Chance to drop bananamobile

Challenge Games: Gargoyle


The Banana Minion!

HP: 10

Damage: 1

Drops: Bananas


The Bananmobile!

It's a banana you can ride! Drops itself if destroyed


Mr. Señor Dorito! (Boss)

HP: 75

Damage: 2


-Throws Doritos at you!

-Sometimes sends out tons of Doritos in a circle around itself



Challenge Games: Ragnaros the Fire Lord


Box of Chocolates! (Boss)

HP: 250

Damage: 0


-Spawns in balls/bars of chocolates constantly!

Drops: Lots of chocolate

Challenge Games: Teddy Bear


Chocolate Ball

HP: 7

Damage: 1

Very fast! 

Comes in 4 flavors!


Chocolate Bar

HP: 15

Damage: 2

Comes in 4 flavors!

Very slow



HP: 75

Damage: 10-15


-Charges up and fires an epic laser from its eyes!

Challenge Games: Outcast


Iron Papa!

HP: 150

Damage: 3-18

Very slow

Knocks you into the air like a regular Iron Golem

Challenge Games: Block Golem


Pat's Face!

HP: 15

Damage: 10

Challenge Games: Omegafish


Sunny Side Up Egg!

HP: 50

Damage: 2

Drops: sunny side up eggs

Challenge Games: Fattest Boss


Angelic Spider!

HP: 24

Damage: Same of regular spider

This guy is very similar to the regular spider, except it flies! Kinda ;)

Challenge Games: Spider Witch


Float Bee Gunner! (Boss)

HP: 100


-Fires a minigun at you! The bullets do 1 damage each and will shred your armor. 

-Spawns 3 bees on death

Challenge Games: Robo Gunner



HP: 25

Damage: 2.5


-Will poison you if on difficulty normal or higher!



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HP: 175

Damage: 2 per asteroid


-Shoots asteroids at a rate proportional to its health, summons crazy asteroid storm upon death!

Challenge Games: IM NOT SURE!! SEND HELP!



HP: 150

Abilities: Since Cloud is the first animated mob in this mod, he has three attacks: One where he stands up like a savage and barrages you with scratches, one where he poofs out his fur and knocks you back, and one where he smites you with lightning!

Challenge Games: Command Block, Pac Man



HP: 75

Damage: 4

Challenge Games: Rock God


Exploda Cow

HP: 20

Ability: Constantly explodes, but doesn't die like a creeper!

Challenge Games: Creeper Cow (not too far off but still)



HP: 100

Damage: 1

Ability: Shoots a spray of pepper at you!

Challenge Games: Baby Bob


Skeleton Goose

HP: 34

Damage: 4

Ability: Has a skeleton riding on its back. If a skeleton is riding the goose, it will strafe and avoid you. The skeleton has its own hp and will attack you with a bow, and will die in daylight.

Challenge Games: Skeleton Goliath


Zombie Jar

HP: 250

Ability: Turns time to night, constantly spawns zombies. Glass will crack upon losing hp. The number of parts is different based on which side you look!

Challenge Games: Queen Zombie


Sun Urchin

HP: 75

Damage: 10 from collision, 6 from spike

Abilities: Throws sun spikes at you, will damage you when you run into it, runs wildly when attacked

Challenge Games: Fattest Boss


Box of Noodles

HP: 200

Damage: 4 from projectile

Abilities: Can spawn fettuccine noodles or throw them at you.

Challenge Games: The guess was fettuccine from Jeff the Killer, but I went a bit further.



HP: 12

Damage: 4

Flops around as it chases you and slaps you.

Challenge Games: Jeff the Killer



Everything except for the bananamobile can be eaten!



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