Jelly Beans

1,851 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 17, 2017 Game Version: 1.11

Craftable Jelly Beans in Minecraft!


These sugar rush inducing delights provide a boost of energy that allow you to get around the map quicker and satisfy your hunger.


Every Jelly Bean provides a speed and jump boost and some may provide their own benefits. This mod has a custom status affect display to show you what benefits you are currently receiving.


Getting Started:

You will need to start by killing some cows and obtaining gelatin (Not suitable for vegetarians)


Then by combining Geltatin, Sugar, Water Bottle, Dye/Apple/Blaze Powder/Melon in a crafting table, you will yield some Jelly Beans.


For a visual guide refer to:

Imgur Gallery


Video walkthrough by me for Minecraft 1.11


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