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This MOD adds weapons such as dagger and crossbow. Also add multiple enemy mobs. There are additional elements such as throwing for dagger and guard on Greatsword. Some weapons have strong ones too *.


* Compared with vanilla


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TamaHagane Tools
Although it is more functional than the diamond tool, the durability value is a little low.


TamaHagane Armor
It has better defense power than vanilla's diamond equipment.


Damascus Steel Armor
Defense force that not even things the enemy of vanilla. This color is ... omit. lol


Heavy Damascus Steel Armor
Strong defense force and knock back resistance. However, the moving speed decreases.


Continuous attacks that do not miss opportunities are possible due to increased attack speed and reduced knockback.


Although knockback is small, it gives brief slowness to the person you hit. You can forcibly disarm the weaponed mob with low probability by right click.


It can be crafted without a workbench and should be useful in case of emergency. With increased attack speed and low knockback, it will be easy for opponents of the early stage skeleton. Moving speed will rise a little if you hold it in hand. Right click and durable value 2 consumed and throwable. And items of hits in the hit or the ground to the mob. Throwing is higher in power.


Left Hand Dagger
Originally a dagger for the left hand specialized for defense. Although it can guard, the durability value decreases according to damage.


Off Hand Sword
A normal weak sword with your right hand. Having a left hand makes it a sword capable of fast attack. Due to the specification of Minecraft, using the item on the right swings the sword. Therefore, if you have a shield you attack as well as defending.

Only enchantments SHARPNESS, SMITE, BANE_OF_ARTHROPODS apply. As usual with the main hand enchantment as usual is applied.

Continuous attack with click hold can not be done because wait time occurs. Continuous attacks are made by clicking repeatedly. Knock back is small.

Also, the degree of satiety is easy to reduce. No critical hits or sweep attacks occur.

As a usage method, let's make it a critical hit in the main hand, Attacking with an offhand sword immediately will cause further damage.


Short Sword
You can forcibly disarm the weaponed mob with low probability by right click. You can not guard.


Although there is almost no knockback, by making the invincible time shorter instead, continuous attack became possible. The attack speed itself is set to be slow. It is from the idea that "it is funny to do SweepAttack at rapier."


Great Sword
It is a large sword that can be guarded. There is no restriction that you have to do both hands, but this guard will take precedence even if you equip a shield. If you attack while sneaking, it will always be a sweep attack.


Club & Mace
Since knockback is strengthened a little, continuous attacks are hard to decide, but give a short time moving speed reduction to the person you hit.


Right click Press and hold for a long time to release the durability value more than usual, enabling a high-impact special attack "charge attack" that pierces the mob with a long reach. Knockback is weak, so it takes time to charge (※ bow degree), so continuous use is difficult. If you leave before charging, it will be canceled.


War Hammer
Right click Press and hold and release, you can use the power ambient range attack "Power Stomp" around yourself. A power stomp with a range large and topographically destroyed by the charge of twice as much time as the bow with a small power stomp with a charge of about a bow can be used, but durability value and satiety are reduced accordingly.


Normal attacks will also be of great use when always surrounded by sweep attacks. Be careful not to let the domestic animals be defeated carelessly. Spear "Charge Attack" is available for right click long press. Halvard's charge attack is more powerful than spears.


Light Crossbow
You can shoot by reloading. To load it you need to have it off hand. Only crossbow bolts can be used. Do not shoot not to reload. Precision shooting is also possible if you aim, but the collection rate varies according to the aiming time. Shooting immediately will not hit it. When aiming time is steady, particles are generated when shooting. Range is longer towards the bow.


Repeater Bow
It is a continuous crossbow that existed but did not spread. Pull the string by sliding the magazine. Structurally, precision shooting is impossible, but in full auto it is possible to fire up to 8 shots. Shooting can not be done if there is no spare magazine. Reloading will be automatically reloaded if you have it in your hand. It is for medium range because the range is short. It is an automatic reload, but you need to have magazine off hand.


Heavy Crossbow
It is a large crossbow. Reload time is long, and it is necessary to always take distance to fight alone. Abundance firepower will not be a problem if it is about vanilla. In addition to the crossbow bolt, the following various special bullets can be used.


Armor Piercing Bolt
Mob and have the force to penetrate the wall. It is a special bullet of heavy crossbow. To load it you need to have it off hand.


Fire Blot
A fire is generated at the landing point. There is no topographical destruction. To load it you need to have it off hand.


Blast Bolt
Attacks to enemy mobs and landing points, and explodes after 3 seconds. There is no topographical destruction. To load it you need to have it off hand.


Explosion bolt
It generates a powerful explosion upon landing. As it involves topographical destruction, attention is required for use. To load it you need to have it off hand.


Shot Bolt
It is a special bullet that fires 10 shots simultaneously. It diffuses and fires. To exert a strong power in the near opponent. Bullets can not be collected. To load it you need to have it off hand.


Flak Bolt
It is an explosion arrow using a proximity fuse. It will explode in response to mob within 2 radius blocks. Attention is necessary because the explosion range is more than double the sensing range. There is instant death level power when there is no armor. There is no topographical destruction. To load it you need to have it off hand.


Lightning Bolt
While set fire in the vicinity of the mob and terrain, it is a special arrow to a lightning strike to the landing point. Thunder is because it is emitted from the arrow, it is also valid in the underground. Note that a large fire and shoot in the forest! XD To load it you need to have it off hand.


Javelin Bolt
Because it intensely knocks back and stabs, it makes the other person temporarily unable to move. The recipe is special, it is a form to add to the crossbow bolt.


Powered Javelin Bolt
Because it intensely knocks back and stabs, it makes the other person temporarily unable to move. Moreover, it explodes. The mood is DeadSpace2! Recipe is special, it is in the form to add to the crossbow bolt.


Crank Repeater Bow
It is a crossbow which is capable of full automatic at a higher speed than the repeater bow. It is exactly a shooting weapon reminiscent of Japanese manga "Berserk". Bullets can not be collected. This is also an auto reload. It can not be used if there is no spare magazine here. It is an automatic reload, but you need to have magazine off hand.


It is a muzzle-loaded, smoothbore firearm. Although the reload is the longest shooting weapon, it fires bullets at high speed. The shooting precision changes according to the aiming time. It does not hit when shooting immediately after reloading. Unlike cross bow, reloading is possible just by putting bullets in inventory.


It is a muzzle-loaded shotgun. At the same time 8 shots are fired. Because it diffuses, accuracy of hit is difficult, but close range fire power is powerful.Unlike a crossbow, you can reload by putting shot shells in inventory.


* About rare weapons *


Strong Club
It has a strong knock back.


Homerun Club


Upper Club


Explorer's Sword
It is a weapon inspired by a certain game of PC engine(TurboGrafx-16). You can throw as far as the endurance value.


Blessed Sword
It will be given the regeneration in accordance with the time and release by right-clicking.


Phalanx Gradius
Knock back tolerance is given like heavy infantry.


Kris Knif
It is a magic dagger that attacks even those who have it. Give Wither to your opponent, give hunger here. You can also fire magic bullets with right click.


Dagger of Luna Dial
The power of throwing will have the characteristics that vary by time and phase of the moon. The number of dagger thrown will change depending on the time of reservation right click (* maximum 10, consumption of satiety). Is it a lost item of a maid ...?


Valkyrie Javelin
It is the spear of the Valkyrie. Throwing has a homing performance. Explode if you fly for a certain time. There is no topographical destruction.




Bandits / Thieves
Mob added because it is supposed to be a person living in the world of Minecraft besides the village. Basically anywhere you go on the ground is a mob spawn.


RPG's classic monster. Sometimes with a bow. Because the speed of movement is fast, it may be hard to fight.


Hob Goblin
Goblin higher species. In particular features None.


This is also a classic monster of RPG. Drop raw meat when you kill! :-D


Lizard Man
It is a hostile mob that mainly inhabit the swamp.


Ape Man
It mainly appears in the jungle.


It is difficult to fight in the early stages.


It is a powerful mob to spawn on mountains and hills. It has a strength of about not win first, without decent equipment. The troll of TRPG is strong.


The higher species of zombie. Doors can also be destroyed. It has a poison and nausea.


Pink-Hand Roper
It is like a game with naming but there is no energy drain. Instead, with the hungry. It is hard because of the positioned as a plant monster.


White-Hand Roper
Top class of pink hand ropers. It is hard. Have wither. Drop the seeds Kill. Occasionally dropping the Nether Wart.


Blue-Hand Roper
Top class of pink hand ropers. The troublesome mob who has poison.


Wood Man
It is a tree monster. Drop tree seedlings


Ender Hunger
This is a very troublesome mob. Just approaching gives blindness and hunger. If you encounter during the battle with the other mob will be in trouble.


Red Ender Man
Do you want gunpowder? Then you ought to beat this mob. I will never take a block, but I will spark a fireball while warping.


Dart Golem
It is a golem made of dart.


Mutant Mushroom
It is a mutant of mushrooms. Have poison.


Mutant Tree
It is a mutant of tree. Have poison.


Skeleton Warrior
A monster also called a soldier of a dragon's tooth. The detection range is narrow, but it has high attack power.


Ghost Armor
It is a monster that moves only with the grudge that remains in the armor. It is also possible to destroy the door.


Cave Stalker
It is a mob that spawn underground.


It is a mob simulating a stone. It has a hardness of appearance as expected.


Pumpkin spider
It is a spider in the head of a pumpkin.


Stone worm
It is a mob that spawns underground.


Killer Lizard
Small and fast moving. The early stage where the equipment is not in place should be made difficult. Moreover, it is a troublesome existence hunting the surrounding mob.


Gozu & Mezu
Although it is a mob that only appears in Nether, it is considerably stronger. Both with a long reach, Gozu is high in attack power and HP. Mezu I think that makes us a hard time because the fast feet.


Lava worm
It is a mob that appears in Nether. Although it has low attack power, it has a flame-up effect.


It is a friend mob that spawns by throwing a Contract Documents. As Iron Golems circulate around, protect the village. Do not despawn.


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