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ItemLocks allows you to lock item slots in your inventory, preventing you from moving items unwillingly.
Ever been in a tight PvP situation, or just minding your own business, and suddenly that one guy shows up?
Well luckily you used this mod, locked the sword slot, and kept your weapon steady despite pressing Q in full panic.


Main Features:

  • Toggle lock on individual slots by holding LOCK (Default: C) and left clicking a slot.
  • Bypass a lock by holding BYPASS (Default: B) and interacting with a slot.
  • Separate locks are saved per world/server without the need of the user's intervention.
  • Fully configurable to your own liking, either through Mod List or by pressing OPTIONS (Default: N).
  • Locks cannot be placed on an empty slot (will be configurable in the future).
  • Making a slot empty while bypassing a lock does not remove the lock.
  • Empty slots with a lock are unlocked until it's occupied.


Found a bug or would like to add a feature? Comment below and I will look into it when I have time.


Using ItemLocks does not grant immunity to item loss during death nor prevents server from manipulating the inventory. The mod is fully client side and only does what the client is capable of.


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