Iskall Mini Mobs

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You will find mini mob embryos in dungeons and temples. The embryos can be placed into an incubator to begin a gestation process.


You will need to craft mini mob pellets to put the developed embryos into them, then you can throw a pellet to the ground to spawn a mini mob!


Mini Mobs can be of the following types:

  • Pig: will tackle the enemy.
  • Zombie: Smites your enemies, has strength and health bonus, and can pick up items to give them to you.
  • Skeleton: Ranged attack.
  • Creeper: Does not explode (thankfully), instead dashes at the enemy. From level 7 on there is a chance it will set the enemy on fire.
  • Spider: Can climb walls. From level 6 on, it has a chance to poison the enemy.
  • Soldier: It's a player mini mob, given a valid player name, it takes the corresponding skin.
  • Penguin: Fast on ice, snow, water, walks like a penguin.

The mini mobs gain experience with every attack they perform. With experience they can level up and increase their stats:

  • Speed.
  • Max health.
  • Follow range.
  • Attack Damage.

Items and blocks on this mod.

  • MM Embryo. Fin them in dungeons and temples.
  • MM Pellet. To put the mobs in.
  • MM Incubator. You ned RF Power to use it. Put the embrios and pellets in there.
  • MM Creative energy cell. Only available in creative mode to provide power and test the incubator.
  • MM Naming Station. Allows you to name items using dyes. Yes you can get color names.

For versions 1.2.21 and below CoFH Core Needed to get power:


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