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The Minecraft Version of IronMan! With this mod you can create your own IronMan suit by putting together armor parts.

The mod also allows you to add your suits by creating JSON files in config/ironmansuits/<YOUR RESOURCE DOMAIN>/<SUIT>.json

To use your own texture for your armor, I suggest making a resource pack or using the mod ResourceLoader.

If you want some instruction recipes for the mod, you can use this addonpack: 


Current features:

  • Making suits with the Suit Constructor
  • Adding suits with JSON
  • Flight
  • Repulsor Shots
  • "Parking" your suit

Getting started:

To get your IronMan suit, use a Suit Constructor and put the parts you want in it. By clicking on "Construct" your new suit will appear. To actually equip it, you have to wear the Sensor Suit. Then you can rightclick it and you wear the suit.


1.7.10 Version description:

! ! ! Requires CoFHCoreLucraft: World and Thermal Expansion and/or EnderIO ! ! !



Current Armors:

  • Mark 1
  • Mark 2
  • Mark 3
  • Mark 4
  • Mark 5
  • Mark 6
  • Mark 7
  • WarMachine Mark 1, Mark 2 & IronPatriot
  • More are coming soon!

Current Features:

  • Flight
  • Chargeable Repulsor Shots
  • 2 Machines: Compressor and Particle Accelerator
  • New Armor Crafting Table (5x5 Workbench)
  • Mark 5 Suitcase
  • Custom HUD



Particle Accelerator Setup:


Mod Support:

  • NEI: Machines and Armor Crafting Table
  • RenderPlayerAPI: Armor Arms in First Person




Yes, you can use it in modpacks, just put a link of this site in the description. 


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