Iron TNT (formerly Acro's Tactical Explosives)

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Iron TNT (formerly Acro's Tactical Explosives)

if you are here for the 1.12 and lower version see this archive here

forge 1.16 version is released! fabric is still there in beta as a lite version



After way too many years I have finally had the time to update and add to this mod, I am also a better coder, so it generally works better and is newer, and has config... etc


Right then, onto the mod!


This mod adds tiered TNTs and implements a real life term called "RE factor" which, conveniently, is the relative explosive power to TNT which Minecraft has. 

This mod does not use entities for its explosions, they are instantaneous; to light a TNT, if it is "ignitable" (you can see this in the TNTs tooltip if you have that config turned on) you can use any device that causes fire to be placed next to the block (in the 1.14 you can also directly click on the block with flint and steel) higher tier TNTs generally can't be ignited this way so you will have to use Det-Powder or redstone dust to ignite it. Det-powder is explosion based, so to minimize damage up to a point use redstone, it will ignite as long as the last piece is redstone dust.


there is configuration for each TNTs RE factor, whether the tooltip should be shown, the delay on throwables, and how far you throw throwables


some of the explosives have special rules, see below:


The Tiers

tired image


each TNT is crafted with the previous and is more explosive, this is the basis for this mod


The barrels



barrels are all ignitable, they can also be ignited by projectiles such as arrows, they have the same RE as their conventional counterparts


The special TNTs



from left to right:

Radiating TNT: causes wither to all surrounding it

Gravitation TNT: causes all around it to fly up into the sky

British TNT: download the mod and find out :)

Incendiary TNT: causes fire within 5 blocks of the TNT after explosion




(NEW AS OF 1.14+) The Throwables



these items are throw-able TNT, to use them simple throw them with Q (or your default throw key) you will throw the a considerable distance further than usual (this is configurable) after 100 ticks (also configurable) they will explode if not picked up, with half the RE factor of their conventional counterparts


The Utilities



from left to right:

flint and stone: 8 use fire starter, because it makes sense, right?

vacuum on a stick: effectively an item magnet

remote explosive device R.E.D: shift right click to set a location, right click to make a small explosion there.


Hey you! thanks for reading all the way here, I need some help!

I need:

  • - People to translate this mod
  • - textures for this mod (I made all of them and the models, myself, usually using minecraft textures)
  • - ideas for new things to add
  • if you can fulfill any of these categories, don't hesitate to either comment (for ideas) or go to my github (see issues and/or source) it would help me a lot thanks!


If you do like this mod and would like to support me you can buy me a coffee on or you can use the donate link at the top of the page!



- You can use this in your Twitch modpacks (and others with permission in the comments or on github)

- You cannot upload this mod anywhere else without my explicit permission in comments or on github!




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